Omolara “Lulu” Osinowo-Gaines

Founder/Executive Director

H.E.L.P creator and director, Omolara “Lulu” Osinowo-Gaines is a mother,  hairstylist, and a business owner. Her parents are both Nigerian, but she was born and raised as a foster child in the underprivileged Fillmore district of San Francisco, Ca. Lulu takes great pride in having overcome many obstacles to follow her dreams and become a licensed cosmetologist and salon owner. She has an extreme passion for hair and making her customers look and feel they’re absolute best.

In today’s society, with all of the negative events that continue to occur, Lulu asked herself what she could do to help effect positive change in the lives of others. She decided to use her platform, life story and cosmetology expertise to encourage at-risk inner-city youth. In November 2017, she created the Hair Esteem Learning Project (H.E.L.P) is an extension of her passion with the purpose of uplifting young individuals, teaching them to pursue their dreams (and look good doing it!) while reminding them to persevere and #NEVERGIVEUP.

Tasia Scott

Vice President

Tasia Scott born and raised in the bay area. With over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry and a passion for teaching, Scott has devoted herself to educating students in the art of hair,skin, and nails. After graduating from San Rafael Beauty Academy, she worked as a provisional Cosmetology instructor. In efforts to prefect her craft, Scott enrolled in barbering school and received her license in 2010. Under dual license and credentials, she cultivated curriculum and trained perspective educators while implementing methodologies learned in the industry. While still working as an educator, she advances towards higher learning and a Criminal Justice degree at California State University, Eastbay. Under mentorship of Lulu Gaines, Scott strives to stay current in modern trends and fashion. Scott believes in the importance of family, community, and the value of out reach programs that not only give back to community but that place positive influence on present and future generations.

Regina Coleman


Regina Coleman has worked in Property Management for over 30 years. The last 20 years she has been fortunate to work in the community she grew up, in San Francisco’s Bayview District. In Regina’s position she has been successful in creating and maintaining a community of clean and safe housing for families. Providing youth activities such as summer youth work programs in partnership with the San Francisco Mayor office, as well as sponsoring annual actives for the resident youth of the developments she manages.

Regina is also president of CWN “The Concerned Women Network of the Bayview” a breast cancer awareness group that gathers and distributes information regarding breast cancer in African Americans, primarily in the Bayview District of San Francisco. CWN host annual activities including a annual luncheon where medical professionals and breast cancer survivors gather to share information.

Sienna Dunn

Chief Financial Officer

My name is Sienna Dunn, I am a mother of 2 I’m the the only girl with 5 brothers. Growing up in a house full of men it was very difficult for me to find an equal place in our household. As I grew up, I learned the importance of female empowerment. I had to learn to love myself and to never let anyone make me feel as if I am less than any man or woman. With time I found my voice and learned my strength, my voice.

Being a black woman, in today’s society, I have learned how important it is to not only have an education but also a strong support system and foundation. With this knowledge I will strive to help not only my Children but the younger generation also.


Krystal Duncan

Assistant Secretary

Krystal Duncan is a San Francisco native, mother of two and proud of her many familial roles as daughter, sister, auntie and more!  She is currently the Dean of Counseling at the College of San Mateo and has worked in higher education for over 18 years.  Krystal’s self proclaimed purpose is to encourage and motivate others to reach their fullest potential.  She truly believes that each person has unique talents, skills, gifts and abilities and that everyone has a purpose.  She is proud to be part of the Hair Esteem Learning Project Board not only because the program teaches young women cosmetology skills, but because the project’s founder Lulu Gaines, has always been committed to empowering young women by validating their worth and giving them life skills and navigation tools to be successful in whatever goals they decide to pursue.

Board Members (Officers):

Omolara “Lulu” Osinowo-Gaines (Founder/Executive Director)

Tasia Scott (Vice President)

Regina Coleman (Secretary)

Sienna Dunn (Chief Financial Officer)

Krystal Duncan (Assistant Secretary)


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